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Social Mission Innovation Lab

The Social Mission Innovation Lab at Bicycle Health is developing robust population health initiatives to expand access to treatment for opioid use disorder, but also, to develop upstream solutions for our patients and communities.

Implementation and Evaluation of a Comprehensive Model to Address Social Determinants of Health

As Bicycle Health continues to expand its innovative tele-OUD model, we recognize the need to address psychosocial components of patients’ lives, which is of critical importance for maintaining long-term recovery from opioid use disorder. Thus, Bicycle Health has partnered with an academic affiliate to screen Bicycle Health patients with electronic computerized adaptive testing (CAT) for mental health and social determinants of health, which can help identify patients who need social support services, comprehensive mental health evaluation, stress reduction skill building, or some combination. This study implements a motivational interviewing intervention to guide patients toward achieving their individual goals related to social determinants of health and/or mental health and wellness.

Analysis of Rural vs. Urban Buprenorphine Deserts

There exists a significant disparity in the United States regarding geographic access to clinicians that provide buprenorphine treatment. There are numerous regulatory, educational, psychosocial, and stigma-related barriers that affect where and how buprenorphine is prescribed, and rural persons are particularly at-risk for living in buprenorphine deserts. Thus, Bicycle Health has partnered with an academic affiliate to collect and analyze data related to buprenorphine deserts across the United States, which can then be used to guide Bicycle Health’s growth and partnerships within such deserts, ultimately increasing access to biopsychosocial care for opioid use disorder.