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Accessible Treatment for All 

We help patients stay adherent and compliant with their medications for opioid use disorder by connecting them to our safe, effective, and affordable medication for opioid use disorder (MOUD) treatment program.

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Pharmacies want to fill prescriptions and feel confident that medication is being taken responsibly and in accordance with their doctor’s direction.

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Our experienced, MAT-trained suboxone doctors work side-by-side with patients to curb the symptoms of withdrawal and provide behavioral health support during their recovery. At Bicycle Health, we work closely with patients and identify outreach opportunities for those who are at risk. With a fully employed clinical team, including behavioral health experts, patients can stay adherent to their prescription regimen while also accessing behavioral health resources throughout their treatment and recovery. 

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recovered-woman-patient Bicycle Health does not show photos of actual patients to protect the patient's privacy.
Bicycle Health Patient

"One of the things I love about Bicycle Health is the ability to use telemedicine to communicate with my doctor. Appointments can take place anywhere I am: at work, when I’m out of town, even in my bed at home! I am so grateful for the compassionate care I’ve received from Bicycle Health."